Sheep Bundle (3)
Sheep Bundle (3)
Sheep Bundle (3)
Sheep Bundle (3)
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Sheep Bundle (3)

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Start off your set with this sheep print trio!

Available to buy individually or snap up all 3 in this bundle for a discount!

This trio includes 3 baby bibs:

- Sheep

- Plain Cream

- Silver Lining (clouds)


Product Features

  • Waterproof & breathable fabric backing, unlike any other!

  • Highly absorbent bamboo core - limit frequent changes + naturally antibacterial!

  • Dribble rash prevention - Lie flat shape creates a gap between chest & chin to prevent chin irritation (unlike triangle bibs that bunch over the face), encourages air flow & natural drying.

  • Collar catches dribble, even when turning head & keeps clothes dry underneath.

  • Composition – 31% Cotton, 30% Bamboo, 28% Polyester, 8% PU, 3% Lycra.

  • Size adjustable - 3 poppers for two size options. Baby size is Suitable from approx. 2m - 2y

  • Size: 29cm long, 21cm wide, 14cm from chin to bottom point.


To be worn on the fastening that fits most closely around the neck with space for at least one finger in order to prevent dribble getting through to clothes at the collar.
Please avoid wearing bibs when feeding.  Our waterproof bibs are designed to tackle teething dribble and we don't advise you wear them during meal times where they may stain. 
Always remove bibs from a sleeping baby and never leave unattended as studs may pose as a choking hazard. 



    Our bibs come in a variety of contemporary fabric designs as well as plain colours, all sure to compliment with your baby’s beautiful wardrobe collection that you so carefully put together!

    By using a Bibbilyboo bib you will reduce your outfit changes and in turn your laundry pile, as you put a complete stop to wet clothes by simply using one bib!  Now you don’t need to imagine what it will be like to banish those extra teething tasks, you can simply say bye bye to the dribble dramas and focus on your baby!

    Unlike triangle bibs which bunch up over the face and can irritate baby's chin and neck, our considered curved neckline prevents dribble rashes by avoiding skin contact, reducing chafing and encouraging natural air drying to prevent sensitivity.

    Our simple size adjustable solution will help you to cut the size of your going out bag down and save the planet at the same time!  By reducing your waste output you can be more eco conscious, from long term landfill reduction as the bib grows with your little one throughout the teething years and less bibs also means frequent laundry cycles and less waste waste water!  


    You too can benefit from the ‘Gold standard’ proven features of our award winning bib that’s more than just a dribble catcher!  Get ready for no more dribble dramas! 



    "These bibs are just amazing! ... Such lovely fabrics and designs and they really are waterproof".  Instagram @donnaplimsaul


    "We were going through a bib an hour...whereas [bibbilyboo] last so much longer and save the outfit changes".  Instagram  @myminicooks


    "You have created a fantastic product ... these bibs are really soft, so lightweight, absorbent AND most importantly waterproof ... such an amazing product and I would say a must have for any new mum about to board the dribble train! 5 stars from us!"  Instagram


    "I've honestly tried so many bibs! You've saved us! Have worn them the past two days and only needed one bib per day.  They are fab...made to perfection.  That was me that ordered 6 more this morning...I'm hooked!" Instagram @mammyreviewsfor2


    "THANK YOU for creating the best bibs I have tried! I'll be stocking up on more colours and buying them for all my pregnant friends 😊".  Instagram @ccalde14