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Farm Bundle x 3 (save 11%)

Farm Bundle x 3 (save 11%)

This award winning collection of dribble bibs features a fun farm theme, with cute animal designs that are ideal for boys and girls! Made with our unique waterproof backing, we ensure that your child will stay dry all day!  

Bundle includes any 3 of the following bibs: On The Farm, Cows, Plain white, Cream, or Sage.

Product Features

Waterproof & breathable fabric backing, unlike any other!

Highly absorbent bamboo core - limit frequent changes + naturally antibacterial!

Dribble rash prevention - Lie flat shape creates a gap between chest & chin to prevent chin irritation (unlike triangle bibs that bunch over the face), encourages air flow & natural drying.

Collar catches dribble, even when turning head & keeps clothes dry underneath.

Composition – 31% Cotton, 30% Bamboo, 28% Polyester, 8% PU, 3% Lycra.

Size adjustable 

3 Sizes: Baby 0 -2y, Preschooler 2-6y (both pointed bandana shape), Child 6-10y (square shape). See images for measurements. 

To be worn on the fastening that fits most closely around the neck with space for at least one finger in order to prevent dribble getting through to clothes at the collar.

Please avoid wearing bibs when feeding.  Our waterproof bibs are designed to tackle teething dribble and we don't advise you wear them during bottle or meal times where they may stain.  Always remove from a sleeping child. 

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