Dogs Bundle x 4 (save 10%)
Dogs Bundle x 4 (save 10%)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Dogs Bundle x 4 (save 10%)

Dogs Bundle x 4 (save 10%)

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Award winning Waterproof dribble bibs in an a collection of dog themed prints for the lovers of our four tailed friends! 


Bundle includes 4 bibs at a discount:

- Blue dogs 

- Skateboarding dogs 

- Plain duck egg blue 

- Plain coral 

Struggling with wet clothes from dribbling? Do you often change clothes to keep your little one dry? Fed up of always washing clothes and bibs?  

Bibbilyboo will put a stop to your dribble dramas and keep your teething baby dry!

Block dribble from passing through to clothes and cut down your laundry pile! A simple switch to our handmade, multi-award winning dribble bib will save you from constantly changing wet tops and laundry, which helps the environment to!  Say bye-bye to the dribble rashes and bulky going out bag stuffed with spares and hello to a cute accessory to complement their outfit, not just cover it up!  


Product Features

  • Waterproof & breathable fabric backing, unlike any other!

  • Highly absorbent bamboo core - limit frequent changes + naturally antibacterial!

  • Dribble rash prevention - Lie flat shape creates a gap between chest & chin to prevent chin irritation (unlike triangle bibs that bunch over the face), encourages air flow & natural drying.

  • Collar catches dribble, even when turning head & keeps clothes dry underneath.

  • Composition – 31% Organic Cotton, 30% Bamboo, 28% Polyester, 8% PU, 3% Lycra.

  • Size: approx. 0-2 years

  • Size adjustable - 3 poppers for two size options.

  • Size: Suitable from approx. 2m - 2y and is 29cm long, 21cm wide, 14cm from chin to bottom point.  


To be worn on the fastening that fits most closely around the neck with space for at least one finger in order to prevent dribble getting through to clothes at the collar.
Please avoid wearing bibs when feeding.  Our waterproof bibs are designed to tackle teething dribble and we don't advise you wear them during meal times where they may stain. 
Always remove bibs from a sleeping baby.