Hello Parents!
Ready for
beautiful award winning dribble bibs
stop wet clothes in their tracks?  

My award winning waterproof bibs are just what you need to keep baby dry & rash free!
END dribble rashes, bib changes and HUGE piles of laundry 
whilst protecting baby's skin!

My multi award winning combination of layers and shaping are
like no other bib and are GUARANTEED to
stop dribble wetting clothes!


Layer 1

Luxuriously soft Jersey cotton allows dribble to pass through,
whilst looking
fun, bright and contemporary!

Layer 2

Our highly absorbent hidden core soaks up heavy dribble,
locking it away and pulling it from the surface of the bib. 

No more changing every hour!

Layer 3

Our specialist waterproof fabric backing stops dribble from passing through to clothes.  Crinkle free, breathable & free from harmful chemicals! 
It is soft, flexible and washes with your normal laundry! 
No shiny plastic in sight!

Combined with our unique rounded neckline, our patent pending design sits flat,

creating a gap between chest and chin for better air flow and
natural drying and preventing bunching

This reduced chin contact puts a stop to skin irritation and rashes!

Say Goodbye to TEETHING DRIBBLE DRAMAS with our Bibbilyboo Waterproof Bib Bundle!


  • You often check if dribble has passed through baby's bib to their clothes, expecting to find that wet patch!
  • You start the day with a carefully planned beautiful outfit but end up having to replace wet tops with mismatched outfits!
  • You are endlessly putting on ANOTHER load of washing to keep up!
  • You are struggling to carry enough spare bibs & outfits with you when you go out!


  • Every bib on the market - but having so many becomes expensive & hard to keep up with
  • Layering plastic and cotton bibs - but this just irritates your baby more.
  • A tea towel around the neck - now you really know you are struggling!!

But.... we can END those Dribble Dramas TOGETHER with a waterproof dribble bib that really works





Includes 4 gorgeous prints:
* Pink Rainbow
* Grey Unikitty
* Pink Unicorn




Choose any 5 colours from:  
* Lilac, Red, Fuchsia, Blush
* Mustard, Cream, Grey, Navy
* Olive, Teal, Lime, Mint




Includes 4 brilliant prints:
* Totally Roar-some
* Feeling Foxy
*Blue Rainbow
* Grey Stars

Discover your perfect starter bundle to give your baby the dry clothes they deserve!

"We were going through a bib an hour...whereas bibbilyboo last so much longer and save the outfit changes".  

@myminicooks, Instagram, UK

Your bundle is an all-in-one system that provides EVERYTHING you need to  keep your baby dry - all day!

It's a cost effective and easy way to
ensure your baby stays dry without
breaking the bank by using less.

Now you can find the solution to those teething troubles that you didn't believe existed!

Treat your baby to the luxury of
multi award winning innovation that not
only works amazingly but looks
and feels amazing too! 

""THANK YOU for creating the best bibs I have tried! I'll be stocking up on more colours and buying them for all my pregnant friends 😊".

@ccalde14, Instagram, UK.

Now you to can have a baby free from dribble rash  
who stays dry throughout the day! 

"But I've tried so many bibs before!
What makes your bibs any different to the others?"

Our innovative design is award winning!
We solve all the teething problems aside from actually cutting baby's teeth for them and have won 3 awards this year alone, including a Gold award for Best innovation baby care product!

No more wet clothes, no more rashes, no more excessive laundry!

We believe in style as well as performance, so our bibs are sure to compliment your baby’s beautiful wardrobe collection that you so carefully put together!

We offer a COMPLETE STOP to wet clothes by simply using one highly absorbent, waterproof bib!

Our Award Winning Features:

  • Our patent pending design has won an Indy Best Buy award for being the BEST bib to stop dribble rashes! No bunching up, no skin chafing, no irritations and NO RASHES!
  • Every bib is backed in our unique breathable, waterproof fabric - it feels soft like fabric with NO crinkly plastic to be seen and zero harmful chemicals! Our specialist fabric is designed specifically for children and contains zero harmful dyes, leads, phthalates!
  • Made with love - but also a highly absorbent core to stop bib changes and cut down your washing pile!  No more bulky going out bags for you and much kinder to the environment!
  • Saving our planet by reducing fast fashion, our bibs will grow with your baby from newborn to at least 2 years!
  • Hand sewn in our small family run sewing studio, where buying from us means you are supporting a real little family just like yours as well as our British economy! 

"You have created a fantastic product...these bibs are really soft, so lightweight, absorbent AND most importantly waterproof...such an amazing product and I would say a must have for any new mum about to board the dribble train! 5 stars from us!" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

@Laurenjessiewilliams_ , Instagram, UK.

""These bibs are just amazing!... Such lovely fabrics and designs and they really are waterproof". 

@donnaplimsaul, Instagram, UK.

Now you don’t need to imagine what it will be like to banish those extra teething tasks, you can simply say "bye bye" to the dribble dramas and focus on your baby!  

Unlike triangle bibs which bunch up over the face and can irritate delicate skin, our curved neckline prevents dribble rashes by avoiding skin contact, creating a gap between chest and chin to reduce chafing and encourage natural air drying to prevent sensitivity.

Our simple
size adjustable solution will help you to cut the size of your going out bag down and save the planet at the same time! By reducing your long term waste output you can be more eco conscious knowing your bib is designed to last and will grow with your little one! This also means less laundry and less water wasted on washing! 

You too can benefit from the ‘Gold standard’ features of our award winning bib!
We offer more than just a dribble catcher!   


About Katie,
Creator of the Bibbilyboo
Waterproof Bib

Hi there! I'm Katie, mum of two very dribbly babies and designer of the bibbilyboo waterproof bib!
Based in Lancashire, England, I lovingly hand make all of my bibs for your little one with the same care I made them with for my baby - because I can relate to your dribble dramas and I want you to have the same solution that I have benefitted from!

The idea for a waterproof bib came to me back in 2018 when my second child was born. She dribbled so badly that we went through up to 20 bibs a day and had 60 on rotation just to avoid washing daily!

We changed clothes often and had a huge going out bag. She never wore a matching outfit as her tops were always wet within minutes and we grew tired of the constant dribble rash on her chin and dry skin around her mouth.

Bibs bunched up and she would get annoyed with them, especially if we layered them to keep her dry. We even tried plastic bibs under cotton bibs and these made her too hot and she would pull them off.

It was whilst I was on holiday where the warm weather meant no clothes needed and no constant changing, that I decided enough was enough! We had tried every bib on the market, but nothing was good enough for her! Nothing worked like it said it would - nothing was waterproof and soft!

I came home and bought a sewing machine and I taught myself how to sew. I researched fabrics safe for children, noted the features that didn’t work and found ways to make them better and thought about how to solve multiple issues at once. Less than 2 years later, Bibbilyboo has won a Gold Loved By Parents Award for ‘Best Innovative Baby Care Product 2020’, a Silver Project Baby Magazine Award for 'Best Teething Product', a 'Mother & Baby Bronze award' for Best Teething Product and an Indy Best Buy Award by the Independent online for bibs that prevent dribble rashes!

If you really need a dribble solution, trust me mum to mum, when I say, this is the answer you have been looking for!
Katie x

""I've honestly tried so many bibs! You've saved us!
Have worn them the past two days and only needed one bib per day. They are fab...made to perfection. That was me that ordered 6 more this morning...I'm hooked!" 

@mammyreviewsfor2, Instagram, UK

But don't just take our word for it.....

Here's what our customers had to say!

Customer Testimonials

Hannah, UK

I discovered Bibbilyboo when my son was 6 months old. Before then it was usual for him to go through a box of regular bibs and numerous outfits each day. Bibbilyboo has been a total lifesaver, we have a dry baby, less washing and some really stylish bibs!
Now my son only wears Bibbilyboo bibs, we wouldn’t waste our time on anything else!

Sonya, UK

How amazing it is at catching all the dribble (and reflux outputs) that otherwise used to ruin outfits or soak straight through regular bibs. These bibs are fantastic quality, so comfortable on baby’s neck, made with such care and fully deserving of their award winning status. They really are a laundry saver and my best mum find. I can’t rate them highly enough!

Georgia, UK

These bibs are amazing! My son is such a dribbler and [they] have saved so many clothes and now so much easier to leave the house without worrying he’s going to be soaked! Literally one bib needed all day! They are the best bibs especially when you have such a dribbly son. It’s so great that they come in so many prints :)

"Best bibs around honestly!! "

Lauren, UK

We know what you may be thinking!
So here's a few FAQs about our waterproof bibs…..

"They're absolutely gorgeous and such good quality!"

@Claresophie96, Instagram, U.K.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are on a mission to keep teething babies dry, and know that our bundles are the perfect tool to get you started on that dribble drama free journey!

So if you’re not happy with your bundle, then we aren’t either!

That’s why we offer a full Money Back Guarantee!

If you're not happy with your bundle, all you need to do is email bibbilyboo@mail.com
within 14 days of purchase to return your unused bundle
and we will be happy to refund you or offer an exchange. 
We really value our customers and want you to be happy,
so please get in touch if you need us.