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Care Tips

All children are unique, however most children will require only 1-2 bibs a day compared with other bibs.  The combination of thirsty bamboo in the core and the waterproof backing will mean less changes are required.

We always encourage you to use your own judgement on what saturation you are happiest with, but rest assured, even a soaked bib will not soak through to clothing. 

It isn't essential to wash before wearing, but you will find the absorbency is better once they have been washed (just like new tea towels for example).

It is also normal to see some shrinkage in jersey cotton fabric after its first wash.  If the edges of the bibs have curled up a little, they can be ironed on low after the first wash and you should find this restores the size and shape of the bib if this has happened. 

Care instructions for washing can be found on the back of the bib label for easy access when needed! 


We recommend washing at 40c or less and air drying where possible.  Bibs can be tumble dried on a low setting but air drying is best.  To keep their shape flat, flatten out your bibs before drying.  They can be ironed on a low setting. 

Do not wear for feeding or meal times as our bibs are not for weaning or bottle feeding and may stain.  If you do find a stain, the best method to remove this is a cool rinse and direct sunlight.  Leaving your bib on a windowsill or washing line to help the sun lift the stain is an easy and natural way to remove discoloration.  Cloth nappy users swear by this method and it has worked well for us to!


In warm conditions, waterproof items that are wet can become damp and stagnant, so it is advised that you do not leave wet bibs in the baby bag, washing basket or washing machine for a long period of time to prevent bacteria from growing.  Always rinse out any food substances that may have been dribbled onto bibs, or if baby has been sick; avoid leaving these items unwashed in warm conditions to avoid mould from developing.  Once washed, we advise removing them from the washing machine as soon as possible to avoid warm and damp conditions (we all know what the damp dish cloth smells like and how quickly this can occur, especially to wet laundry).  If items have become damp and smelly, consider using a bacterial fabric wash to soak your bib and freshen it up.  

Please note that while we offer this advice, it is out of our control if bacteria should develop due to environmental factors and we encourage you to use your best judgement in washing and drying your baby items dependent on the weather and use of bibs.

Please remember that the waterproof backing is designed to stop moisture from passing through the back of the bib, so evaporation can only happen when air can access the top of the bib to dry all layers; therefore keeping it top side up when drying will enable better evaporation.  Please do not allow bibs to be left in an airless environement whilst wet, such as baby bags, for extended periods of time as they may smell damp. 

Earning Points

Every time you shop with Bibbilyboo directly on our website, or even recommend Bibbilyboo, you can earn points!  These points can be used as credit off your future orders!

To access and view your points, find the shopping bag rewards symbol at the bottom of any page (in blue) and log in here.  If you create a new account, be sure to use the same email address that you placed your order with so it can link your points history to the account. 

When you first log in, you will need to click on the shopping bag symbol again to see all the ways to earn points for free, including sharing on social media and recommending to friends.  For every friend you refer and who places an order with us; you will earn £2.50 of points and the will be provided with a free shipping code!  

When you want to spend your points, you log in and head to the redeem section and choose how many points you wish to redeem and a code will be generated to enter at checkout in the discount code box. Simple!

Product Information

Now serving children up to 10 years old!


They are made from a specialist polyester fabric with a baby safe polyurethane laminate coating and a unique patent pending design!
This means they remain breathable, preventing sweating and skin irritation/rashes without being a rigid crinkly plastic backing. Our waterproof fabric is tested to ensure it is free from harmful chemicals, leads, phthalates, dyes and nasties, securing an Oeko-tex Standard 100 testing badge (meaning they are designed specifically for babies and safe to be worn against their skin!)

No - our bibs are designed to tackle teething dribble only and are not made for weaning.  We don't reccomend that yor baby wears our bibs during meal time or feeding; this inlcudes milk feeds, as the soft jersey fabric is just like clothing and may stain.

For more information on caring for your bibs see the FAQ 'how do i care for my bibs'.


If you accidentally stain your bibs, as we know children can be a little messy! You can try a stain remover or the more gently method of leaving the stained bib in direct sunlight to lift it out.

We always recommend that you remove a bib from a sleeping baby.


If you aren't 100% happy with your order when you receive it, we are happy to refund the cost of your items if they are unused and returned to us in the same condition in which they were sent.  This does not apply to any items which have been personalised unless there is a fault with the item in which case we can arrange an exchange.

We advise that you return items by tracked mail and please inform us on the email below to obtain a returns address.


We always want out customers to love their order so please let us know if it does not meet expectations and we will do our best to help exchange or refund where neccasary.


You can contact us at, please allow 24 hours for a response. 


Please clcik here to read updateded shipping information and turnaround times, as these may vary by nature of being a small production handmade business.



We offer 0% finance through our providers Klarna and ClearPay. 

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