Product Features

A Bibbilyboo waterproof bib is:

  • ·    Waterproof - providing a complete waterproof barrier between baby dribble and baby skin; without the crinkly plastic!  Our waterproof fabric is breathable and made from Oekotex standard 100 fabric which makes its safe for children and free from leads, phthalates and dyes.

  •  Breathable - despite being waterproof our bibs are breathable so they will not cause sweating or skin irritation.

  • ·       Shaped - our necklines are shaped to minimise contact with the delicate skin on your babies chin.  Most bandana style bibs are triangular and bunch up around their face, which when wet, can aggravate eczema and cause rashes and spots.  Our bibs allow more air flow around their delicate chin, allowing the skin to dry naturally and avoiding chafing and irritation. They also look far less bulky, whilst still keeping the popular bandana shape and they are less likely to be pulled off than a regular bib as they tend to go unnoticed due to the lie flat shape.

  • ·       Highly absorbent - there aren't many bibs on the market which can be worn all day or handle high levels of dribble that come from a teething baby or a heavy dribbler; but our bib can!  With a highly absorbent core we make sure that dribble is soaked up without needing several bib changes.  Dribble is locked away into the core, keeping your teething baby dry and saving you from dribble dramas and lots of washing!

  •      Eco-conscious -  as a mum myself I understand that parents have plenty of jobs to be doing each day when caring for their families, but I was adamant that extra washing didn’t need to be one of them. By reducing the number of bibs needed overall due to their high performance features, we can cut down our washing and waste water consumption.  Having a bib that grows with your child results in less fabric ending up in landfill and helps to support slow fashion.

  • ·       Size adjustable – Made to fit from around two months old and ready to tackle teething traumas from as soon as you need some support.  They will grow with your child and will even fit children up to approximately around 2-3 years old.