Product Features

Waterproof Bibs


Bibbilyboo waterproof teething bibs end dribble rashes and wet clothes for good!  Designed to last the day and grow with your child; our three sizes cover your baby from 0-2 years and for those older children who require bibs we also offer two further sizes for 2-6 and 6-10 years.
Constructed from 3 layers; our waterproof backing and 2 absorbent cotton and bamboo layers result in a highly absorbent whilst fully waterproof bib, made to last the day. 

Our multi-award winning bib features:

Waterproof backing - providing a complete waterproof barrier between dribble and skin (but without the crinkly plastic!).  Our waterproof fabric is breathable and is Oeko-tex standard 100 assured (free from harmful chemicals),  which makes its safe for little ones because it is free from leads, phthalates and harmful dyes!


Highly absorbent core  - an extra thirsty antibacterial bamboo core is not only super slim, but extremely efficient at holding lots of dribble, far better than cotton or polyester!  There aren't many bibs on the market which can be worn all day or handle high levels of dribble that come from a teething baby or a heavy dribbler; but our bib can!  And bamboo is a sustainable fabric, a natural fibre and more environmentally friendly for our planet. 


Soft jersey cotton top-   Made with premium jersey interlock, our soft cotton top layer is gentle and comfortabke to wear, draping softly across your child's chest and available in a selection of contemporary designs and plain colours.  Our plain fabric range is also Organic.


Shaped to stop dribble rashes - our necklines are shaped to create a gap between chest and chin to avoid rubbing and bunching of fabric, unlike triangle bibs, which when wet, can aggravate eczema and cause rashes.  This gap encourages airflow to dry the chin and neck, allowing skin to dry naturally, avoiding chafing and irritation from wet fabric contact. They are less bulky, whilst still echoing the popular bandana shape and the lie flat shape means they go unoticed by babies and are less likely to be pulled off than a regular bib!


Breathable - despite being waterproof our bibs are breathable so they will not cause sweating or skin irritation like a plastic backed bib. 


Eco-friendly -  parents have plenty of jobs each day when caring for their families, but we were adamant that changing bibs and clothing didn’t need to be one of them. By reducing the number of bibs needed overall due to their high performance features, and protecting clothes underneath from changes; we can cut down our washing and waste water consumption through laundry. Having a bib that also grows with your child results in less fabric ending up in landfill and helps to support slow fashion.  Our fabrics are eco-friendly approved which means that when they end up in landfil, they won't emit any harmful toxins or chemicals into the earth, or to your baby when worn! 


Size adjustable – Made to fit from around two months old and ready to tackle teething traumas from as soon as you need some support.  They will grow with your baby and if they still require a bib beyond age two we have two further sizes to accomodate children up to age 10!